It's simple, we aim to provide you with a complete picture of how best to get from A to B.

We do this by asking you to enter the locations where you are actually travelling from and heading to, rather than asking for the corresponding airports.

This way we can take into consideration the time it takes to get to and from the airport in addition to the flight time.


Please consider that Complete Route is still a Beta product and as such not yet done.

If you experience any problems or would like to request a feature please send a mail to

Some of the features that we have in the pipeline are:

  • Better support for non-direct routes
  • Improved flight search integration
  • Additional types of transport to and from the airport


Complete Route is built on a foundation of Open Source software and data.

The airport and route information is sourced from the Airline Route Mapper

The Maps, Directions and Gelocation is delivered by the excellent Google Maps

Several Open Source tools were used to create this site including JQuery, Bootstrap, HTML5 Boilerplate